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PFW impact crusher

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PFW Series Impact Crusher are the latest development of impact crusher based on the more than 30 years experience and leading technology.

Product features: Automated hydraulic topping for easier access and maintenance, saving labor costs

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Impact Crusher Application

The unique features of the PFW series impact crusher make it the ideal choice for multiple applications. The PFW impact crusher is extensively used in many industries, especially in highway, construction, water project, asphalt or slag recycling. The PFW series impact crusher has extensively applications in mining and construction industry. If you want to know impact crusher price in China or any other information, please contact us.

  • Performance Characteristics
  • Product Parameters
  • Structure Design

    The 59-inch solid-type sculptured rotor combines high inertia for performance crushing and the durability to handle up to 40-inch feed. Oversized 220 millimeter wide series roller bearings are larger than industry standards, extending service life beyond normal.

  • Semi-automatic operation

    Hydraulic cylinders equipped with position sensors provide dependable relief when encountering tramp metal. It automatically returns the apron to the pre-set position, allowing continuous crushing and sizing.

  • Simplify process

    The two chambers of PFW impact crusher can simplify the process in the coarse and medium crushing operation; the three-chamber crushing is remarkable in the fine crushing and super-fine crushing operations, and the two cavity types meet the crushing requirements of most coarse, medium and fine crushing operations.

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