Factors that Effect on the Efficiency of Ball Mill

Ball mill is one of the most important crushing and grinding machines in the ore dressing plant, but its energy consumption is the highest in the ore beneficiation production line.There are two types of grinding methods for a ball mill: wet grinding and dry grinding. The ball mill is the core device used to grind materials after the crushing process.

There are many factors that will make much effect on the working efficiency of the ball mill. Here we will list some factors for users to notice in their later operation of the ball mill.


The formula of raw materials

The configuration of the raw materials should be proper in order to improve both strength and weight of the grinding balls, so that the inertia of the grinding balls can be increased, thus improving the working efficiency of ball mill.

Reduction Gear

High spinning speed will surely improve the efficiency of the ball mill but sometimes to keep the speed at a proper status is also necessary. So the reduction gear is needed to adjust the rotation speed for better effect.

The addition of water and dispersing agent

The water content in the ores also has an effect on the working efficiency of ball mill, for this reason, properly increasing the water content of the rocks and ores inside the grinding chamber can improve working efficiency of ball mill.

Diameter of ball mill

The diameter of the steel ball is important because the proper diameter will make much effect on the grinding function within the mill cavity, thus influencing the working efficiency of the ball mill.

Generally speaking, the factors that effect the efficiency improvement of ball mill are as above.



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