Double Roll Crusher Design

The double roll crusher design is compact, small roll diameter and with an even more aggressive teeth design compared to the Sizers. This enables a significantly small installation space while optimizing the overall performance and operting cost.

Many types of rolls crusher in various alloys of steel or chilled iron ucan be furnished with an extremely broad range of roll teeth configuration available. This assures the most efficient crushing of any specific material. With over 100 years of crushing experience, SBM has extensive data on the use of a great many styles of teeth on all types of materials.

The Hybrid teeth arrangement originates from the double Roll crusher's straight-line design. This generates a better intake behavor due to the high contact surface with the material in combination with the high penetration depth due to the aggressive teeth design.

Ability to handle feed sizes ranging from 6"-10"-12" (or larger where needed) make this crusher ideal as a secondary reduction stage after a feeder-breaker or double roll crusher, Simplified design gives this unit excellent reliability and requires very little maintenance. Rule of thumb: ratio of reduction usually does not exceed 4 to 1, however, 6 to 1 can be achieved on certain applications. A ratio of 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 is desirable for abrasive feeds.

The design features bring many advantages of roll crusher:


In so many double roll crusher manufacturers, SBM's global network provides reliable and efficient customer support. Spare parts availability and a comprehensive range of services allows improved productivity and maximized plant efficiency. This concept is already implemented in the double Roll crusher design. The advantages of roll crusher prove SBM in world leading positions.



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