What Should I Do When The Bolt Of The Raymond Mill Is Broken

If the bolt of the Raymond mill breaks during the use of the Raymond mill, it will definitely affect the normal production. There is no other way to find the fracture, but to replace it. In normal times, we can take some effective measures to prevent this from happening.

First of all, considering the strength of the threaded part of the bolt and the convenience of use, the roller bolt of the Raymond mill was changed from a fine thread to an ordinary thread, and the double nut was used to lock it, and the original hemp rope seal was changed to old transportation. Tape sealing, so that the transport tape can play a role of cushioning while sealing.

In addition, during the bolt tightening process, hammer the oval head of the bolt with a sledgehammer while tightening the nut, so that the oval head of the bolt head fits well with the screw hole of the Raymond mill. When the mill is stopped again, it is better to tighten it again after running one shift, so that the looseness of the bolts caused by poor contact and thermal deformation during operation can be tightened.

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