What Is More Better Grinder For Grinding Slag

Slag, also known as granulated blast furnace slag, is a by-product of blast furnace ironmaking. It has high potential activity and hydraulic hardness. After being ground into powder, it can be used as an additive in cement and concrete.

Main uses of slag powder:

1. In cement production, it is directly mixed into cement according to a certain proportion. It is a component material for the production of slag Portland cement to improve the performance of cement and reduce production costs and energy consumption. The addition of water slag in slag Portland cement The amount is 20%-70% by weight.

2. In ready-mixed concrete and cement products, it can replace some cement in an equal amount or an excess amount. As a cementitious material, it can directly mix concrete and mortar to improve its working performance. Slag powder appears in the construction market as a vertical product and is widely used in concrete. , can replace about 50% of cement.

Compared with other mills such as ball mill and Raymond mill, it has many unique advantages:

1. The slag vertical mill is a vertical structure, the system is simple, the layout is compact, the floor area is small, and it can be arranged in the open air, saving a lot of investment costs. The ball mill is a horizontal structure, the complete set is not strong, the interconnection is loose, and the single machine occupies a large area.

2. The slag vertical mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, and grading transportation, with strong grinding capacity and large output. For the production of slag powder, it can be equipped with an annual output of 50,000-300,000 tons of slag micropowder production line.

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