Technical Update Of MTW European Grinding Mill

1. In terms of output, the output of traditional Raymond mill is only about 0.5-9.5 tons per hour, which is far from meeting the needs of large-scale factories in the modern powder industry, while the output of MTW European grinding mill can reach 3-55 tons per hour. , several times higher than the output of Raymond mill, and the energy consumption is lower in unit capacity.

2. In terms of environmental protection, in the past, the requirements for environmental protection in the powder industry were not so strict. Raymond mill can meet the current needs. For the needs of centralized and green factory construction, only the newly upgraded grinding equipment - MTW European grinding mill can meet the current production standards.

In the production process, the entire MTW European grinding mill system operates under negative pressure, which can control the dust discharge. Finally, the dust collector collects the excess dust in the pipeline. The entire production workshop is clean and tidy, and the dust emission concentration can be controlled at 20mg/m3 , lower than the national emission regulations.

3. In terms of operation, due to the limitations of technology in the past, the operation of Raymond mill was not very intelligent and required a lot of labor. Now MTW European grinding mill adopts PLC automatic intelligent control system. The operator can monitor and control the operation of the machine in the central control room. 2-3 people are required, which can greatly save labor costs.

4. Compared with the maintenance and repair, the traditional Raymond mill is lubricated with butter, which requires frequent oil changes for maintenance, while the fan, spindle drive system and fan drive system of the MTW European grinding mill are all lubricated with thin oil, and the oil change interval is about 4 months. The oil change cycle is long and the maintenance frequency is less, and the oil cost alone can save 30,000-50,000 a year.

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