Talc Powder Machinery Production

Talc has the features of unique sheet structure, small hardness, good chemical stability, high gloss and lubricity and preservable odor. Using specific crushing method, it can be manufactured into talc powder or talc slurry with different particle sizes and widely used in such industrial departments as paper making, plastic, painting, ceramics, feed, fertilizer, sewage disposal and cosmetic. Next the experts from talc powder machinery production will give an introduction to the equipment suitable for the superfine crushing of talc.

On the basis of the mineral property of talc, the requirement of the needed products and different methods of the applied force used by different crushers, we can know that the crushing machines for processing talc should be crushers that using squeezing, impacting and rubbing forces to crush materials. At present, the main talc powder machinery production is as follows:

Raymond mill

The main Raymond mill type is 4R3216 which is mainly used for manufacturing 150~400 Mesh talc powders.

Ball mill

As the fineness requirement of the industrial mineral powders whose added value is not high as talc is usually 600~2500 Mesh, and the higher the yield, the better, according to the production experience in domestic and foreign market, only ball mill that is equipped with dry type classifier is the best choice with low investment, high output and low energy consumption, and it is now mainly used in coarse whiting industry, but not widely in talc industry.

Vertical roller mill

The energy consumption of vertical roller mill is much lower than that of airflow mill, but as for the talc and other white non-metallic metal minerals industry, the energy consumption of the two mills is still too high. Vertical agitator mill has the lowest energy consumption among all the superfine crushing machines, and in addition, it has high ore grinding efficiency and fine product granularity, for this reason, it has a bright prospect in the talc industry.

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