Silver Ore Crushing Machine

Silver Ore Crushing Machine

Silver ore crushing machine is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, construction, refractory materials and ceramic industrial departments for medium and fine crushing all kinds of hard ore and rock.

Silver ore generally require a level of jaw crusher crushing, two stage crushing and then through the cone crusher, and then through the screening, not up to the requirements of particle size through efficient finely crushing, and finally by the mill grinding, which meet the requirements of raw materials.

Our cone crusher is also our main silver ore crushing machine. This crusher has a variety of design styles, and can choose according to the actual situation of the users with the. In general, the cone crusher as silver ore crushing machine has the following advantages:

  • crushing chamber and more, can be divided into long head , the head and the short head type cone crusher ;
  • the use of advanced dust- dry oil seal device ;
  • for the processing of iron ore and other minerals difficult to have a good effect ;
  • the product particle type, high crushing efficiency;
  • in the same power consumption, production capacity greatly increased.
  • hydraulic Qing cavity system saves the maintenance period and the repair time, improve the service life of the equipment;
  • lubrication system to ensure oil return temperature within 60 ℃; new oil filtration system to ensure the transmission is not accidental wear, thereby stabilizing the life of this advanced and reliable double-pump oil lubrication system , to ensure the spindle , copper tile temperature, long life , reliable operation , extended maintenance cycles;
  • Overload allows metallic foreign body through the crushing chamber without detriment to the machine.