Process Flow Of Gypsum Grinding Line

Process Flow Of Gypsum Grinding Line

LM vertical roller mill - a comprehensive, large-scale grinding equipment that integrates the five functions of crushing, grinding, powder selection, drying, and material conveying.

The LM vertical mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection, and conveying. The layout is compact, covering an area of about 50% of the ball milling system, and can be laid out in the open air, which greatly reduces investment costs.

Starting from the various angles of grinding efficiency, powder drying, wearing parts, maintenance and replacement parts, etc., to achieve lower energy consumption, stronger drying capacity, lower core parts wear and maintenance, and more convenient maintenance, saving customers' equipment operating costs.

The material stays in the vertical mill for a short time, reducing repeated grinding, better control of product particle size and chemical composition, and easy to stabilize product quality; at the same time, the grinding roller and grinding disc are not in direct contact, and the iron content in the product is low, which effectively guarantees the material Whiteness and purity.

Stable operation with low vibration and low noise; the vertical mill is sealed as a whole and works under negative pressure without dust spillage; equipped with an automatic control system to realize free switching between remote control and local control, easy to operate and save labor.

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