Primary And Secondary Crusher

In stone production line, primary crusher machine and secondary crusher machine are very important equipment, Generally, jaw crusher always used as primary crusher, cone crusher or impatc crusher used as secondary crusher.

The two most common primary crushers used for coarse run-of-mine material is jaw crusher.The primary crushers break rock through compressive forces created by a hard moving surface forcing and squeezing the rocks towards a hard stationary surface. Above 1,000 tph, primary crushers begin to look interesting, and after the throughput reaches 2,000 tph, jaw crushers are very rare, with the exception of a parallel plant layout. Capacity is also determined by the feed size and material type introduced to the plant, as well as the required product curve. In most cases, the first stage of crushing really has two functions: to get the material small enough to be transported out of the mine, as well as to get a suitable product curve for the next stage of comminution.

The top size of the material ends up typically in the range of 200 – 350 mm, which is good for belt conveyors and fits into most secondary crushers without causing process risks. To achieve this top size, the crusher setting is in the range of 200 mm or below, depending on the rock characteristics. The most common type of secondary crusher is the cone crusher. Cone crusher has a much shorter spindle with a larger diameter crushing surface relative to its the vertical dimension.

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