Options For Ball Mill That Reduce Liner Wear

In order to reduce the wear of the ball mill liner, three countermeasures need to be understood.

Reasonable Choice Of Steel Balls And Liners

Generally speaking, the hardness ratio of the ball mill liner to the steel ball should be controlled at about 1:0.8. Secondly, the ratio of the mineral powder to the steel ball in the ball mill needs to be controlled. Generally speaking, the mineral powder is about twice that of the steel ball. Improper proportions can easily cause the ball mill to run under low load, which will cause the steel balls to directly impact the liner and cause the liner to break.

Use New Material Liner

With the advancement of technology, new material liners have also begun to be used in ball mills, such as composite liners composed of rubber and cemented carbide steel, which ideally solves the contradiction between the toughness and rigidity of the liner, and reduces the liner. The impact force received during operation. The composite liner has low working noise and light weight, and has a lot of room for development in dealing with the problems of liner aging and liner wear.

Control The Running State Of The Ball Mill

Controlling the running state of the ball mill is also an important measure to deal with the wear of the liner. When the ball mill is running at low load, the ore intake of the ball mill needs to be adjusted in time to improve the grindability coefficient of the ore.

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