MTW Series Trapezium Mill Special Design

MTW mill system consists of grinding main unit, classifier screening, product collection, and other components. The main unit adopts integral casting base structure and can adopt shock absorption foundation. Special steel frame design to separate the classifier and main unit , which can cut off the vibration from main unit.  The classification system adopts the structure of forced turbine classifier, and the collection system adopts pulse collection.

Process Flow of Pulverizing System

raw materials are transported to the semi open raw material shed by special vehicles, and then shoveled to the hopper by forklift, crushed to less than 35mm by crusher, and lifted to the storage hopper in front of the mill by bucket elevator ; the material from the storage hopper is evenly sent to the main machine by feeder for grinding. The qualified products in the grinding process are graded and screened by the classifier, and then enter the pulse dust collector through the pipeline. After being collected by the pulse dust collector, the products are discharged through the discharge port at the lower end of the pulse dust collector. It is uniformly transported to the powder storage bin. The system is designed as an open circuit system, dust collection is full pulse collection, the efficiency of pulse collection is 99.9%, the output of the mill is bound to increase, and it has more environmental protection performance.

For the finished product, users can carry out the next set of deep processing according to the actual process. MTW mill has a large single output, so it can not be packed manually, so it must be transported to the powder storage tank before packaging.

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