Maintenance Of Vertical Roller Mill

The presentation mode of the vertical roller mill is more three-dimensional, so the lateral footprint is smaller. Because the vertical mill is a intensive device that integrates crushing, grinding and grading systems. The internal equipment is complete and has good stability. Therefore, it belongs to a large and large-scale milling equipment. SBM vertical mill can be widely used Building materials, ore, coal powder and other industries have strong adaptability, and materials with high viscosity and difficult to grind can be easily broken and processed until they meet various indicators.

When customs use the vertical mill, the maintenance work in each time period is very important. The maintenance time period is daily maintenance, pre-work and post-work maintenance work. Here we share the maintenance details of the vertical mill with you to help The user improves the production efficiency of the vertical mill.

Daily Maintenance

In daily maintenance, it is necessary to regularly check the tightening of bolts and other loose parts, check the wear of the wearing parts, whether there is water leakage or oil leakage inside the mill, and any abnormalities need to be repaired immediately.

Operation Of Vertical Roller Mill

These details cannot be ignored. The feed should be uniform to avoid abnormal phenomena in the equipment. After the vertical mill stops working, corresponding inspection work such as cleaning should be done to avoid affecting the next drive.

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