Main Uses Of Pyrophyllite Grinding Powder

Pyrophyllite is a kind of clay mineral, which is a layered aqueous aluminosilicate mineral with a crystalline structure of 2:1 type. The chemical structural formula is Al2[Si4O10](OH)2. Pyrophyllite has a delicate texture and low hardness (1-2), which is suitable for making blanks (molds), ceramics, refractory materials, glass fibers, carved stones, etc. for synthetic diamonds. Can be applied to ceramics, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, light industry and other industrial sectors. 

Main Uses

The use of pyrophyllite is closely related to its characteristics, mainly used as refractory materials, ceramic materials and carving raw materials; Secondly, it is also used in fillers and carriers for rubber products, cosmetics, pesticides, etc. 

The new use of pyrophyllite is as a coating, a good raw material for making wall panels, and can also be used to make white cement. Translucent chlorowax stone with beautiful color pattern, wax or pearl luster, is a valuable raw material for carving technology, such as Shoushan stone, Qingtian stone, chicken blood stone, frozen stone and so on.

pyrophyllite Uses In Ceramics Industry

The production of ceramics, surface tiles, electric porcelain, sanitary porcelain, as a melt-resistant inert blank, melt-resistant body filler, auxiliary materials. The mud has good fluidity, good permeability, the drying and shrinkage of the blank is small, it is not deformed, the sintering fissure is small, and the sintering whiteness is 90 to 96%.

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