How To Choose Dolomite Grinding Mill

Many grinding mills can be applied to the grinding of dolomite, and you need to choose according to your actual situation. You can choose a suitable dolomite mill from the following three aspects:

Production Capacity

First of all, we must determine the estimated production capacity of the production line, so as to ensure that the materials can be pulverized normally within a reasonable working time. Different types of mills have different production capacities. The production capacity of the selected dolomite mill must match the overall operation capacity of the sand production line.

Operating Power

Secondly, the operating power of the equipment must be within the range of the rated power of the energy supply equipment on the job site. It is very unsafe behavior during over-power operation, and in serious cases it will cause the circuit to collapse and cause a fire.

Finished Product Particle Size

Again, the particle size of the finished sand and gravel is the key to production and operation, and the grinder that can adjust the particle size has a wider application range.

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