Bentonite Uses And Bentonite Powder Mining Process

1. What Is Bentonite

Bentonite also known as clay rock, albedle, sweet soil, bentonite, clay, white mud, vulgar name is Guanyin soil. Montmorillonite is the main component of the clay minerals, its chemical composition is quite stable, known as "universal stone." Montmorillonite is a two-layer co-connected silicon oxide tetrahedron film laminated layer of common aluminum (magnesium) oxygen (hydrogen) octahedral sheet, constitute 2: 1 type of crystal water containing silicate minerals. It is one of the most powerful minerals in the clay mineral family. Montmorillonite is a mineral belonging to the montmorillonite family, and a total of 11 montmorillonite minerals are found. They are slippery bentonite, bead, lithium bentonite, sodium bentonite, bentonite, zinc Bentonite, sesame soil, montmorillonite, chrome montmorillonite and copper montmorillonite, but from the internal structure can be divided into montmorillonite (octahedral) and the Benton subfamily (38 Surface). Montmorillonite is one of the typical layered silicate minerals, unlike other layered silicate minerals; the gap between the layers is particularly large, so that the layers and layers contain an amount of water Molecules and exchangeable cations. The results of slow scanning by diffractometer shows that the particle size of montmorillonite is close to nanometer scale and is a natural nanomaterial.

2. Usage Of Bentonite Powder

Purified Lithium Bentonite

Mainly applied in foundry coating and color ceramic coating, also applied in emulsion paint and fabric sizing agent.

Purified Sodium Bentonite

Cement Bentonite

Applied in cement processing, bentonite can increase product appearance and performance.

Efficient Activated Clay

Calcium Bentonite

Can be applied as foundry molding sand, binder and radioactive waste absorbent;

Also can be used as thinner and pesticide in agriculture.

Bentonite Powder Processing Technological Process

Phrase one: raw material crushing Bentonite blocks will be crushed to 15mm-50mm fineness by crusher.

Phrase two: drying and grinding 1.Bentonite material with low moisture will be sent to the storage hopper by the elevator, and than the feeder will send the material to the main mill for grinding. The hot air in the mill will dry the Bentonite. This will reduce drying cost. 2.For high moisture material, a dryer should be applied to dry the Bentonite before grinding.

Phrase three: classifying Ground material will be classified, coarse powder will fall back to the main mill to be ground again.

Phrase four: production collecting Qualified powder will flow with the air and be collected in the dust catcher, then the finished powder will be transported to the product storage bin through discharge port. Lastly, the powder will be loaded by tank car or packed by packing machine.

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