Application Range Of Industrial Fillers For Diatomaceous Earth

The Distribution Of Diatomaceous In China

Diatomaceous earth is a kind of siliceous rock, mainly distributed in China, the United States, Denmark, France, the Soviet Union, Romania and other countries. It is a biologically occurring siliceous sedimentary rock that consists mainly of the remains of ancient diatoms. Its chemical composition is mainly SiO2, which can be expressed by SiO2•nH2O, and the mineral composition is opal and its variants. China's diatomaceous earth reserves of 320 million tons, prospective reserves of more than 2 billion tons, mainly concentrated in East China and Northeast China, of which the larger scale, more work done in Jilin, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Shandong, Sichuan and other provinces, although widely distributed, but the high-quality soil is only concentrated in Jilin Changbai, Yunnan two regions, most of the other deposits for 3 to 4 grade soil, due to high impurity content, can not be directly deep processing and utilization. Diatomaceous earth is composed of amorphous SiO2 and contains a small amount of Fe2O3, CaO, MgO, Al2O3 and organic impurities. Diatomaceous earth is usually light yellow or light gray, soft, porous and light, and is commonly used in industry as a thermal insulation material, filter material, filler, abrasive material, water glass raw material, decolorizer and diatomaceous earth filter aid, catalyst carrier, etc. 

Application Range Of Industrial Fillers For Diatomaceous Earth

Pesticide industry: wettable powders, dryland herbicides, paddy field herbicides and various biological pesticides. Diatomaceous earth coating additive products have the characteristics of large porosity, strong absorption, stable chemical properties, wear resistance and heat resistance. Due to its large pore volume, it can shorten the drying time of the coating film. It can also reduce the amount of resin used and reduce costs. This product is a kind of matting powder product for coatings, which has been specified by many paint manufacturers and is widely used in latex paints.

Diatomaceous earth is added to the paint for matting and adsorbing odor, which has been applied in foreign countries for many years, and domestic enterprises are gradually aware of the performance of diatomaceous earth applied to coatings and diatom mud. Indoor and outdoor coatings, decoration materials, and diatom mud produced with diatomaceous earth not only do not emit chemicals that are harmful to the human body, but also have the effect of improving the living environment. After the addition of diatomaceous earth coatings, it has been used as a designated product by many paint manufacturers, and is widely used in various coating systems such as diatom mud, latex paint, interior and exterior wall coatings, alkyd resin paints and polyester paints, especially for the production of architectural coatings. Applied coatings, paints, can balance the surface gloss of the coating film, increase the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the coating film, dehumidification, deodorization, but also purify the air, sound insulation, waterproof and heat insulation, good permeability characteristics.

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