Application of Vertical Roller Mill in Ceramics Industry

The expansion of vertical roller mills to the ceramic market has a certain foundation. The production process of ceramic surface glaze is also the grinding process of quartz, borax, feldspar and clay. The vertical roller mill can optimize the traditional ceramic powder grinding process, and the fineness of the material can be adjusted arbitrarily between 400-3000 mesh.

The Development Space Of Vertical Mill In Ceramic Industry

Originally, the main mineral material of the surface glaze slurry of ceramics is limestone powder. With the improvement of the technological level in recent years, we have discovered that clay has a more special effect on ceramic art after the grinding process of the mill.

It can be used as a decorative material for architectural ceramics such as colorful glazed tiles, exterior wall tiles, floor tiles, etc. It is especially suitable for the color decoration of sanitary ware ceramic products, and can also be used as the color base of porcelain overglaze, in-glaze and underglaze.

The equipment structure of the vertical roller mill is simple, and the floor space is small. You can have a basic understanding of the milling production line through the pictures of the vertical roller mill and the 3D video of the vertical roller mill. The application of vertical roller mills in the ceramic industry has great potential for development.

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